The Folly of the Gods

A Triumphant Return

Hello, Feywild!

The group materialized in a strange new place; a marketplace filled with screaming eladrin. It was obvious one woman, a blue-robed eladrin, was being attacked. The group sprang into action, saving her.

The woman introduced herself as Saffrenia. She explained that they were in the Feywild, in the city of Mithrendain. She went on to explain her suspicions of corruption in the local government. Saffrenia asked the Bizarre Force to collect information at a celebration; they accepted.

After questioning the other councilmembers, the Bizarre Force was able to determine that three of the four were corrupted in some measure. Saffrenia knew there were more answers to be had, so she led the group to the Old Battery to speak with some outcasts.

There, the group was ambushed by a party of quicklings and a blade spider, which were quickly taken care of. Saffrenia led the group underground, as they were no longer safe on the streets. She now leads them north, toward the Citadel where the council convenes, in hopes of exposing the dark heart of Mithrendain.

(This wiki will be updated weekly. Not as in-depth as previously, but it will cover the important information and highlight any particularly awesome/amusing moments. I might even institute a "Quote of the Evening" for those particularly hilarious gems that are uttered to be immortalized on the interwebs. The second half of the NPC listing should hopefully be finished tomorrow. Enjoy.)



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