The Folly of the Gods

Fish People, Fish People

Taste like fish, talk like people.

After rescuing Richard from the assassination attempt, the Bizarre Force listened to his story. It seems that Wrimlund was originally lorded over by someone named Felmorra. Felmorra and Richard had an agreement; the pirates would kill the ocean beasts and keep Wrimlund safe if the Wrimlund guard would let the pirates conduct their business in peace. Gondra doesn't honor this agreement. The Force were stumped for a way to handle Gondra, and Richard suggested they stay, drink, and perhaps an answer would present itself.

At the local pub known as The Dive, Tiya was immediately recognized by the dwarven pirates. They cheered and celebrated, distributing free ale to her and all of her 'weird friends.' The Bizarre Force was delighted by surprise appearances by Billith (complete in pirate garb,) Garreth and B4P. Kriloc learned that his father was a ship mechanic, and his sister was a member of a pirate crew.

While the rest of the gang engaged in drunken debauchery, Tiya enjoyed an evening with Garreth, which ended in him giving her one of his scales, a most sacred and solemn oath of loyalty in dragonborn culture.

The following morning, a pair of female paladins appeared in the Shrouded Crags. Calling themselves Carie and Atenas, they demanded Kinglsey, at the behest of Mordrain. Instead of fighting these women, the Force reluctantly agreed, and Kingsley was taken away.

The Force went to Richard to discuss this, but he had nothing to say on the issue. Instead, he proposed the group go with a crew of his to raid a kuo-toa lair. They did so, and quickly found the lair.

After dispatching of the lair's inhabitants, the group found a hefty amount of treasure and one other surprise; Lord Felmorra, still alive.


Dun dun duuuuuunnnnn…..................

Fish People, Fish People

That was sooooo last month…UPDATES, PENUMBRA!!! I CRAVE UPDATES!!!

Fish People, Fish People

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