The Folly of the Gods

Goblins Love Cake!

The Force make a bunch of new friends. Only one of them doesn't try to kill them.

Upon arriving at Shadowfell Keep, the Bizarre Force made a quick check around the ruins. They located a staircase, and without much hesitation, made their way down into the darkness. Erik snuck forward, slowly approaching the center of the first room. Suddenly the rest of the Force lost sight of Erik, however, as he fell prey to a hidden pit trap. Nadia and Tiya quickly rushed to rescue Erik, only to discover the halfling was now not only at the bottom of a pit trap, but completely covered in rats. Tiya quickly lowered down a rope as the rats began biting and digging into Erik, who grabbed the rope and began scaling the wall.

At that moment, a javelin came out of the darkness, hitting it's mark in Nadia's chest; a goblin warrior had been hiding in the darkness! The Force quickly assembled for combat. During the encounter, another pair of goblins joined the fray, and through a game of cat-and-mouse, the heroes chased down the goblins, killing them all.

After a brief discussion concerning the direction they should head, the Force chooses to go east. In this room they find a trio of goblins and their pet guard drakes, mining in an abandoned room. After dispatching them, a small treasure trove was found, including a new holy symbol for Tiya. 

Venturing down a different hall, the heroes encountered a crazed hobgoblin torturer, who fell quickly to their precise attacks. In this torture room they found a curious creature; a goblin by the name of Splug was locked in a prison cell! The pitiful creature begged to be released, and the Force agreed, but only if his hands were tied.

Splug was overjoyed to be free of his cell. He admitted he knew little of the keep, other than that the goblins stayed away from the southern door, and his boss was a fat goblin by name of Balgron. When asked what he knew about Balgron, Splug offerred that he knew Balgron was mean, fat, and loved cake.

This final bit of information sparked a master plan in the mind of Nadia. Using her sly magic tricks, the wizard cracked the door to Balgron's room and created an illusory scent of cake on the wind, blowing it into the room. Moments later, a goblin fell into their trap. A series of ill placed attacks, however, and the confused goblin was left alive. He turned and ran back into the room, screaming Balgron's name.

Moments later, a small army of goblins poured through the double doors, flooding by and overwhelming the Bizarre Force. Tiya and Kinglsey fervishly hacked through the horde while Nadia and Kublah slung spells from the corner of the room. Ganifa and Erik wisely hid in nearby rooms, peeking their heads around corners to take shots when opportune.

In the midst of the fight, Balgron appeared behind Nadia, having used a secret passageway to get behind enemy lines. He began attacking the wizard, only to have Tiya come to her rescue. With a notable mention to Ganifa's precise archery skills, the goblin horde was dwindling, and Balgron was eventually overwhelmed. They took from him a key which opened a chest, inside of which was a new wand that Nadia was all too happy too take.

With no other option besides a rat-infested natural cave, the heroes decided to explore the dark passage to the south. Nadia opened the doors and unleashed a cone of flame into the room. When she did this, however, her mind was suddenly filled with grotesque and appalling images of dead men, women and children, her ears filled with screaming, wailing, and terrible sobs. Bright red blood began gushing out of the walls. Quickly, she used her fey step to teleport out of the room, and the moment she did, it all stopped. To her discomfort and surprise, no one had seen or heard any of it.

They carefully moved forward, into the oppressive dark. About a hundred feet in they encountered a strange rune on th e floor. Tiya was able to partially idenfity its purpose, knowing that contact with the rune would cause an effect to trigger. They avoided it, backtracking into a larger room.

Nadia cast a light spell in the center of the room, and it revealed a man standing in the darkness. The Force was quick to realize, however, that this was not just a normal man. This man had been dead for some time, and yet he still moved. Before they had a chance to draw their weapons, two more zombies grabbed both Tiya and Kingsley.

After a frantic and frightening battle in the dark, with zombies attempting to pull Kingsley apart and a heroic show of divinity by Tiya, the zombies fell to the might of the Bizarre Force.

Many of Shadowfell Keep's secrets have been uncovered by the Force, but how many more await? What of Sir Keegan, and his sad tale? More pressingly, what of the mysterious Kalarel, and the evil rift hiding in the keep's depths? 




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