The Folly of the Gods

Into the Feydark

The Bizarre Force investigates further.

Upon finding a breach into the Feydark, Saffrenia urged the Force to investigate, and they agreed. After fighting their way past a pair of shambling mounds, looting a wishing well, and killing a rogue dryad and her pets, the Force found a tunnel leading further down.

The tunnel took them to a cliff overlooking an underground river. There, they fought through a horde of cyclops guards, the majority of which fell to Tiya's newfound radiant powers. After the cyclops were vanquished, the Force continued eastward, finding themselves face-to-face with an eladrin woman, standing beside a man they knew as Dresyae Tlathlyn.

Saffrenia identified the woman as Jelvistra, but Jelvistra corrected her, informing the councilwoman that her true name was Wall. Quickly, Kublah and Kriloc realized Wall as one of the spawns of Apophis! Wall ordered her minions to attack, and the Bizarre Force's life hangs on the line.



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