The Folly of the Gods

Pirates Ahoy

The Bizarre Force found the encounter with the lamia Wall to be easier than they feared; with both the spawn of Apophis and the traitor Dresyae slain, the Force returned to the Citadel of Mithrendain.

Their rewards for their services were dismal, almost insulting, until Vyrellis made a sudden appearance, granting them Dresyae Manor and lord and ladyship. 

After meeting their new housekeepers and exploring their new home, the Bizarre Force returned to the material plane via a portal. They found themselves in Windhill, where the Realm attacks had worsened.

The Force decided to investigate Wrimlund, across the ocean. They secured passage and found themselves on the new continent. Shortly after their arrival, a fleet of metal ships arrived and began attacking the harbor. After some questioning they were led to the lord of this place, Lord Gondra. 

Kublah and Tiya went to speak with Gondra. He admitted he knew who they were, but instead of turning them in, he wished for them to help with his pirate problem. After some debate they accepted, and after executing Gondra's plan found themselves in with the pirate crew.

Upon arriving in the pirate's hideout, the Shrouded Crags, they met the leader, Omar Samson. To the Bizarre Force's surprise, the famed pirate was actually Richard Everhard, Erik's father! Richard promised to explain the reason for his attacks, but before he was able to, was attacked by assassins. Kriloc leapt into the fray to save Richard, but did he react in time?



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