The Folly of the Gods

Talking Skeletons, Talking Squirrels

A failed diplomatic encounter, tons of fighting, and a critical decision.

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After dispatching the zombies, the Force moved south, into a dark corridor lined with sarcophogi. Halfway down the hall, the coffin lids burst open and the Force was assailed by animated skeletons. For every skeleton slain, it seemed that two more would take its place. During this battle, Splug found his courage and fought with the heroes, pulling his weight valiantly.

After the skeletons were dispatched, the group investigated a small shrine dedicated to Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. There, they found small statues of dragons made of silver and platinum. They each took one and continued on, to the east.

They came upon a room in which rested a large coffin. Tiya and Kingsley stepped forward to open it, and out from it burst a massive, armored dragonborn skeleton—the remains of Sir Keegan himself! The paladin, now an undead creature, was fiercely loyal to his charge to protect the keep. He thought the Force tomb raiders, but after a flubbed negotiation, Keegan turned to believing them to be in cahoots with the cultists. He attacked, and a fierce battle ensued. During this fight, Splug escaped, and Kingsley, Tiya and Nadia were beaten within an inch of their lives. Kingsley and Kublah were able to talk Keegan down, at which point he whispered, "I have failed you, Jana." Losing his will to exist, the beast collapsed in a pile of old bones. Kingsley claimed the paladin's battleaxe, Arceus, for himself.

It was at this point that Erik and Ganifa noticed Splug's absence. They ran out of the room and into the dark corridor, where they heard a scratching noise. Kingsley cautiously walked toward the noise, only to find out it was, of all things, a squirrel. And then a strange thing happened; the squirrel began to talk. It seemed the squirrel was carrying a message from Valthrun that Winterhaven was being attacked. After telling its message, the squirrel scurried off.

The Bizarre Force now had to make a critical choice. Did they go to Winterhaven's aid, or continue on to seal the rift?



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