The Folly of the Gods

The Black Knight ALWAYS Wins!

Except for this time.

Continuing their search for spawns of Apophis, the Bizarre Force set out southward, to Blueflower. Almost there, they spotted a brilliant flash of light in the distance, and went to investigate. They met a man named Clem Bumpkin, who explained the bright light as a resealing of the tomb he guarded, the Tomb of Heroes. He mentioned a festival, and the Bizarre Force, eager for a break from their troubles, went to Blueflower.

There the group participated in a number of games and competitions. Tiya won an eating contest. Nadia won a magic duel. Kublah won a dancing and a drinking competition. Ganifa won a marksmanship tourney. And, finally, Kriloc was able to defeat the sinister and mysterirous Black Knight in a joust, winning the title of Champion of Blueflower. The reward for winning the joust is a visit to the Tomb of Heroes to pay respects to the fallen hero, Keening Sunder, and the Bizarre Force set out the following morning to do just that.



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