The Folly of the Gods

The Search For Douven Begins

Exploring an underground city and ending a national threat.

(Several pages from the Bizarre Force's chronicles have been unfortunately lost to the ages. Some attribute this to the wear of ages, and others attribute it to a particularly lazy scribe. The world may never know the true answer.)

The Seven-Pillared Hall was an incredible sight. While Kingsley went to pray, Tiya and Ganifa immediately found the wrong side of town. Kublah and Erik had their first run-in with a drow, and the encounter ended with our heroes very frustrated. Nadia and Kingsley found a board in the Halfmoon Inn with a laundry list of quests in need of completing, and after looking them over with the group, the Force prioritized them and set out on their way to find and rescue Douven Staul from the Bloodreavers. 


WTF??!! Nothing of riddle-wielding sphinxes? I DEMAND CURRENT UPDATES!!!

The Search For Douven Begins

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