Beasts For Peace

Let mortals beware of words, For with words we lie, Can speak peace, When we mean war | But song is true, Let music for peace, Be the paradigm, For peace means change, At the right time


Beasts For Peace (B4P) is an up-and-coming group of bards comprised entirely of demihuman races such as orcs, kobolds, ogres and gnolls. The band's message is one of unification and peace, urging all sentient races to unite under the banner of understanding and equality.

B4P has been met with mixed responses and cannot usually book gigs in the more decent places. They have been seen in seedy taverns and back street markets all across Realm. 

B4P were abducted by the warlord's soldiers in Caranoth in suspected connection with the Bizarre Force. They were tortured but quickly rescued by the heroes. They now reside in Omar Samson's secret pirate hideout.

Beasts For Peace

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