The Folly of the Gods

A Force Assembles
Introducing Our Heroes

In the crime-ridden streets of Windhill, an adventuring troupe has been born. In a world full of lingering hatred, mistrust, and deception, this collaboration is anything but normal. A dwarf, a human, a tiefling, a halfling, an elf and an eladrin, all working in unison. This group, appropriately named Bizarre Force, seeks to solve problems and right wrongs for a number of different reasons: personal gain or glory, uncountable riches and treasures, development of one's spiritual or personal growth, or simply because of the belief that doing good is the right thing to do.

At the head of this organization is the dwarven cleric Tiya. Born into a well-to-do family, Tiya was destined to become a powerful and important person. Fate led her down a different path, however, when Tiya's headstrong and outspoken personality led her to denounce her family's political practices. She was ostracized from her family, but secret admired by the community. Expelled from her city, she learned of the world and found herself in Windhill.

Kingsley, a human paladin, finds himself with the Force to protect the innocent, free the imprisoned, and punish the wicked, all in the name of Avandra. His travels in life have led him down many paths, some dark and regrettable. Through his actions with the Force, perhaps Kingsley will forge a legacy worthy of song.

Erik Everhard has led a troubled life. Mysteriously losing both his parents early in his life, Erik has lived off the streets since his mid teenage years. Born into a family well indoctrinated and known in the world of prostitution, Erik has stayed close to his morally ambiguous roots, frequently thieving, whoring, enjoying a successful career as an erotic dancer and a life of promiscuity. Erik has since left that life behind, taking to the road to find out what else awaits. Still, old habits die hard.

Perhaps the most haunted of them all, Kublah, a tiefling warlock. Never knowing her parents and raised by a quiet mistress named Amina, Kublah never knew the comforts of love or family. She was forced into a life of thievery and prostitution, barely even kept alive. Kublah managed to escape this fate and has been on the road since, ever seeking to distance herself from Amina.

Ganifa is a ranger from the deep elven forests. Raised by her grandfather, she was a child of the woods and rarely entered civilization. Her grandfather, a kind, somewhat mysterious old elf, had seen many decades in the dwarven lands. He taught Ganifa the ways of dwarven combat, and some of dwarven culture and tradition. Ganifa's grandfather was tragically killed by an immense dire bear during a hunting outing, and Ganifa was unable to slay the bear to save him. She partly blames herself for his death, and travels the world to develop the combat prowess that would've saved him.

Perhaps the most out of place, self-reserved and soft-spoken Nadia is an eladrin wizard from the elven isles. Orphaned at an early age, her foster parents taught her the beauty of music and art. As she grew, she became a minstrel, and found a new form of art to enjoy; the art of spellcrafting. Nadia quickly took to arcana, and is now exploring the world to hone her prowess.

The Force had undertaken a handful of menial quests, clearing rat swarms, taming unruly wolves, killing a rare goblin or two, when they were given their first true contract; to find a man named Douven Staul. Said to have gone west of Windhill to the town of Winterhaven, Douven is an avid historian and archaeologist. Hearing rumors of a dragon's tomb, he went to investigate. He has not been heard from for a month since.

The Force is now only a day's journey from Winterhaven. What horrors will they vanquish? What deeds will be done? What secrets will they uncover, about the world, and about themselves?

Traps, Tricks, and Tombs
Our heroes' first taste of danger

Two hours outside of Winterhaven, the Bizarre Force met its first taste of true battle; a kobold ambush. The kobold minions fell quickly to the ruthless blades, arrows, and arcane attacks of the heroes, but in the end three were left standing. Through the combined efforts of Kublah and Erik, a crafty kobold slinger was smoked out of hiding time and again, finally to be incinerated by the warlock's dark flames. The remaining two were well armed and armored kobold warriors. These two, unlike the rabble, were well-trained and disciplined; perhaps even more so than our adventurers! Using advanced combat tactics, they flanked Kingsley, administering rapid and hard-hitting blows to the paladin's knees, thighs, and waist. Through the dilligent efforts of Tiya, Kinglsey remained standing. Ganifa and Nadia managed down these two shield bearing kobolds.

The group found Winterhaven a warm and inviting place. Tiya immediately sought out the temple, which she was happy to find out was dedicated to her patron diety Avandra. Much to Tiya's chagrin, Kingsley opted to explore a strange shop with Erik and Ganifa. While Nadia spoke with patrons of Wrafton's Inn to discover clues to Douven's whereabouts, Kublah asked people on the street. She was lucky enough to encounter Valthrun, the local sage, who had plenty to share about the dragon tomb.

The group reconvened at Wrafton's Inn, but not before Erik had managed a pair of magical bracers out from underneath the shopkeeper's nose with a deceptive con. In the tavern, the group noticed a variety of patrons; an old, eccentric man named Eilias, a brooding, quiet elf that the group eventually pestered out of the Inn, and none other than Lord Padraig, the lord of Winterhaven. As Erik spoke with Eilias and quickly found himself in a situation he struggled to backpedal out of, Ganifa summoned the courage to approach Padraig. Through a brief discussion, Ganifa learned the kobolds they encountered outside of town were a common nuisance that the town had been facing for some time now. Hearing of their defeat, Padraig was relieved, but knew the threat was not over; he pleaded with the Force to help remove the lingering threat of Irontooth, the kobold leader. After promising 100 gold piece to each of the members, they agreed.  With now two objectives in mind, the Force retired for the evening.

They set out early the next morning, following the map given to them by Valthrun, to the dragon tomb. There they discovered a small group of archaeologists already at work on the dragon remains. Their leader, a small man who called himself Agrid, insisted he knew Douven well, and that the man was on his way to the tomb. The group reluctantly believed the little man, and stepped forward. Only then did Kingsley pick up on the lies veiled by this deceptive creature. Seeing the ruse was broken, Agrid ordered his men to attack. Kingsley began the fight with a fearsome blow, immediately decapitating the digger next to him. Agrid then disappeared and a halfling marksman took Tiya to the ground mere seconds into the battle, boding ill for our heroes.

Fortunately, Tiya was able to recover from this deadly attack, rising to her feet to keep Kingsley alive, who now found himself surrounded by workers and fearsome guard drakes. Despite Tiya's best efforts, the drakes made quick work of Kingsley, who fell to the ground in a heap.

In the back of the encounter, Ganifa and Erik had focused their attention on the halfling marksman. Through a combined effort, they killed the nuisance. At the same time, Nadia had managed to beat back some of the workers, causing the remaining man to flee. Kublah found herself ambushed by a reemerged Agrid. With the natural fury and scorn of a tiefling, Kublah came down on the gnome, ruthless and efficient, until he could hardly stand.

The remaining drakes were wiped up in a flurry of bolts, arrows and steel. Tiya had her work cut out for her; as soon as she had Kingsley on her feet, a drake took down Erik. In the end, however, our heroes were successful, though bloodied and bruised. The remaining enemies, a human man and Agrid, were tied up and questioned. Though Agrid did nothing but scream in Gnomish, the man was only too happy to give them all the information they needed in exchange for his freedom. He showed them where Douven was being kept but had no idea why the man had been kidnapped, nor why they were excavating; he was merely hired muscle needing the promised money.

Douven turned out to be an elderly human gentleman. He was extremely grateful for being found, and promised a reward, but had nothing on him other than an amulet. After removing the small portrait of his wife, he gave the magic item to the party, saying more reward would be given upon their return to Windhill. He quickly made his way out of the burial site and on his way home.

Agrid refused to speak, except to whisper in defiance to Kublah's threats, "He would do worse than anything you could promise." Eventually, he told Kublah she would "burn in Hell, where all tieflings belong." Incensed by his words, Ganifa fired an arrow through the gnome's head, despite protests made by Tiya, who insisted the gnome be handed in to the proper authorities. It took two arrows to the head to kill Agrid, who showed unnatural strength.

The heroes now look westward, to the kobold lair as indicated by Lord Padraig. Perhaps there they will find Irontooth and end the kobold threat. But what about what Agrid said? Who is 'he?' And Douven had made mention of hearing whispers about a cult, and Kalarel. What cult? And what, or who, is this Kalarel? 

A taste of victory, and a greater threat emerges

Successful in their mission to find Douven Staul, the Bizarre Force make the trek back to Winterhaven to rest and relax before seeking out Irontooth and the kobold lair. While recuperating, Nadia is met by Valthrun the Prescient, who offers the heroes a handful of healing potions in thanks for saving Douven, who turned out to be a friend of the sage.

The heroes set out southward the following morning, intent on flushing out and ending the kobold threat. Late morning, they arrive at a waterfall overlooking a small gathering of trees. Using his finely honed senses, Kingsley was able to see movement beyond the trees; a large group of kobolds. After pointing them out to his companions, the group began discussing a battle strategy.

Unfortunately, Tiya, was dwarves are prone to do, spoke too loudly, and alerted the kobolds to their presence. Realizing they'd been found out, Nadia reacted on instinct, firing a magic missile, which struck an armored kobold square in the chest.

With the experience of true battle under their belts, the Bizarre Force was able to make short work of these kobolds. Using deadly attacks and well thought strategy, the enemy forces were quickly reduced to nothing. A small discussion erupted near the end of the battle, with Kingsley wanting to capture the remaining kobold for questioning, while Tiya, knowing the kobold to be an evil beast, simply wanted to see it dead. Though Nadia sided with the peaceful approach, the rest of the Force wanted the job done with. Overruled, Kingsley helped to slay the remaining threat. After a small amount of recovery, the group entered the cave obscured by the waterfall.

First to go in was Erik, who peeked his head into the cave. He met face to face with a half dozen kobolds, who were just as surprised to see him as he was to see them. He pulled out his head, alerted his companions, and they charged into the cavern.

A fierce battle broke out between the heroes and roughly a dozen kobolds. Erik got into trouble early on, pinned between kobold spearmen. Tiya rushed to his aid, healing him and pulling him out of harm's reach. Kingsley waded into battle, shouting battle cries and challenging his foes. The spellcasters did their part, hurling fire, arcane missiles, and waves of dark energy at the onslaught of kobolds. Ganifa fought fiercely but was quickly cornered. She pulled out her grandfather's warhammer and joined in the melee battle.

Things were looking up when a war horn sounded off, announcing the arrival of a large, armored goblin. This goblin had a horned skull, the icon of Orcus, lord of the undead, tatooed on his head. His jaw was encased in an iron mold, with two large spikes protruding where his lower fangs would be. The group unanimously decided this goblin to be Irontooth.

A vicious battle was fought, Irontooh swinging his giant battleaxe with reckless abandon. Twice a Force member dropped to the ground, first Tiya, then Kingsley. Both were able to make valiant recoveries to help their allies. In the end, Tiya summoned her guardian spirit, and Nadia conjured a flaming sphere, pinning Irontooth between these magical devices. In addition to this constant onslaught of damage, and the flames of Phlegythos cast forth by Kublah threatening to consume his soul, Irontooth was eventually killed with a well placed arrow of Ganifa's.

After digging through Irontooth's belongings and appropriating a suit of armor and a nice amount of gold, Kublah discovered an unsettling bit of information: Irontooth was corresponding with someone named 'Kalarel,' and an undead army threatened to consume Winterhaven!

Returning to Winterhaven,  the group finally noticed Erik's new armbands. Upon asking where he got them, Erik quickly lied, but was found out. Erik was hounded by the more lawful members of the group, particularly Tiya, and was greatly intimidated by Kublah. He eventually told the truth, but Tiya informed him that she would be telling Bairwyn.

Back in town, the attitude was dark and murky. They received payment for killing Irontooth but, much to their frustration, were not allowed to see Lord Padraig. Tiya reported to Bairwyn Wildarson, but before she could rat out Erik, she learned that the shopkeeper had had Valthrun cast a divination on Erik, keeping close tabs on the halfling at all time to know where he was in case he decided not to pay the rest of the owed sum for the bracers.

While Nadia and Kublah had an odd encounter with Eilian, where the old man seemed to completely lose his senses and stumble off, out of town, the rest of the group met with Valthrun, who had a thing or two to share about Kalarel and the Deathcult of Orcus.

It turns out tiefling cultists opened a gateway to Shadowfell in the lower regions of what is now known as Shadowfell Keep, a former dragonborn base during the great war. Not only does Valthrun fear the cult is active and intends on opening this rift, he fears rumors of curses, hauntings, and goblins bands may hold weight as well. He implores Bizarre Force to help, and they agree.

The following morning, the group sets out. Met by a small group of villagers cheering them on, Bizzare Force makes their way north, to the Keep on the Shadowfell. 

Goblins Love Cake!
The Force make a bunch of new friends. Only one of them doesn't try to kill them.

Upon arriving at Shadowfell Keep, the Bizarre Force made a quick check around the ruins. They located a staircase, and without much hesitation, made their way down into the darkness. Erik snuck forward, slowly approaching the center of the first room. Suddenly the rest of the Force lost sight of Erik, however, as he fell prey to a hidden pit trap. Nadia and Tiya quickly rushed to rescue Erik, only to discover the halfling was now not only at the bottom of a pit trap, but completely covered in rats. Tiya quickly lowered down a rope as the rats began biting and digging into Erik, who grabbed the rope and began scaling the wall.

At that moment, a javelin came out of the darkness, hitting it's mark in Nadia's chest; a goblin warrior had been hiding in the darkness! The Force quickly assembled for combat. During the encounter, another pair of goblins joined the fray, and through a game of cat-and-mouse, the heroes chased down the goblins, killing them all.

After a brief discussion concerning the direction they should head, the Force chooses to go east. In this room they find a trio of goblins and their pet guard drakes, mining in an abandoned room. After dispatching them, a small treasure trove was found, including a new holy symbol for Tiya. 

Venturing down a different hall, the heroes encountered a crazed hobgoblin torturer, who fell quickly to their precise attacks. In this torture room they found a curious creature; a goblin by the name of Splug was locked in a prison cell! The pitiful creature begged to be released, and the Force agreed, but only if his hands were tied.

Splug was overjoyed to be free of his cell. He admitted he knew little of the keep, other than that the goblins stayed away from the southern door, and his boss was a fat goblin by name of Balgron. When asked what he knew about Balgron, Splug offerred that he knew Balgron was mean, fat, and loved cake.

This final bit of information sparked a master plan in the mind of Nadia. Using her sly magic tricks, the wizard cracked the door to Balgron's room and created an illusory scent of cake on the wind, blowing it into the room. Moments later, a goblin fell into their trap. A series of ill placed attacks, however, and the confused goblin was left alive. He turned and ran back into the room, screaming Balgron's name.

Moments later, a small army of goblins poured through the double doors, flooding by and overwhelming the Bizarre Force. Tiya and Kinglsey fervishly hacked through the horde while Nadia and Kublah slung spells from the corner of the room. Ganifa and Erik wisely hid in nearby rooms, peeking their heads around corners to take shots when opportune.

In the midst of the fight, Balgron appeared behind Nadia, having used a secret passageway to get behind enemy lines. He began attacking the wizard, only to have Tiya come to her rescue. With a notable mention to Ganifa's precise archery skills, the goblin horde was dwindling, and Balgron was eventually overwhelmed. They took from him a key which opened a chest, inside of which was a new wand that Nadia was all too happy too take.

With no other option besides a rat-infested natural cave, the heroes decided to explore the dark passage to the south. Nadia opened the doors and unleashed a cone of flame into the room. When she did this, however, her mind was suddenly filled with grotesque and appalling images of dead men, women and children, her ears filled with screaming, wailing, and terrible sobs. Bright red blood began gushing out of the walls. Quickly, she used her fey step to teleport out of the room, and the moment she did, it all stopped. To her discomfort and surprise, no one had seen or heard any of it.

They carefully moved forward, into the oppressive dark. About a hundred feet in they encountered a strange rune on th e floor. Tiya was able to partially idenfity its purpose, knowing that contact with the rune would cause an effect to trigger. They avoided it, backtracking into a larger room.

Nadia cast a light spell in the center of the room, and it revealed a man standing in the darkness. The Force was quick to realize, however, that this was not just a normal man. This man had been dead for some time, and yet he still moved. Before they had a chance to draw their weapons, two more zombies grabbed both Tiya and Kingsley.

After a frantic and frightening battle in the dark, with zombies attempting to pull Kingsley apart and a heroic show of divinity by Tiya, the zombies fell to the might of the Bizarre Force.

Many of Shadowfell Keep's secrets have been uncovered by the Force, but how many more await? What of Sir Keegan, and his sad tale? More pressingly, what of the mysterious Kalarel, and the evil rift hiding in the keep's depths? 


Talking Skeletons, Talking Squirrels
A failed diplomatic encounter, tons of fighting, and a critical decision.

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After dispatching the zombies, the Force moved south, into a dark corridor lined with sarcophogi. Halfway down the hall, the coffin lids burst open and the Force was assailed by animated skeletons. For every skeleton slain, it seemed that two more would take its place. During this battle, Splug found his courage and fought with the heroes, pulling his weight valiantly.

After the skeletons were dispatched, the group investigated a small shrine dedicated to Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. There, they found small statues of dragons made of silver and platinum. They each took one and continued on, to the east.

They came upon a room in which rested a large coffin. Tiya and Kingsley stepped forward to open it, and out from it burst a massive, armored dragonborn skeleton—the remains of Sir Keegan himself! The paladin, now an undead creature, was fiercely loyal to his charge to protect the keep. He thought the Force tomb raiders, but after a flubbed negotiation, Keegan turned to believing them to be in cahoots with the cultists. He attacked, and a fierce battle ensued. During this fight, Splug escaped, and Kingsley, Tiya and Nadia were beaten within an inch of their lives. Kingsley and Kublah were able to talk Keegan down, at which point he whispered, "I have failed you, Jana." Losing his will to exist, the beast collapsed in a pile of old bones. Kingsley claimed the paladin's battleaxe, Arceus, for himself.

It was at this point that Erik and Ganifa noticed Splug's absence. They ran out of the room and into the dark corridor, where they heard a scratching noise. Kingsley cautiously walked toward the noise, only to find out it was, of all things, a squirrel. And then a strange thing happened; the squirrel began to talk. It seemed the squirrel was carrying a message from Valthrun that Winterhaven was being attacked. After telling its message, the squirrel scurried off.

The Bizarre Force now had to make a critical choice. Did they go to Winterhaven's aid, or continue on to seal the rift?

The Mysterious Eye
A new threat emerges...

Kalarel is defeated. Ninaran has been slayed by the unlikely hero Splug. The rift to the Shadowfell is closed, and Winterhaven is, for the time being, safe. A day-long feast and celebration erupt in thanks to the Bizarre Force. The heroes and townsfolk alike dance, eat, and drink long into the night.

The following morning, the group sets out to return to Windhill at last. On their way, they encounter a burned-out village. Fearing for the worst, they approach the ruins, only to find that those responsible were dead in a giant heap, villagers and farmers standing around, cleaning up the mess. The villagers explain these marauders came from the north, and a mysterious dragonborn appeared and single-handedly eliminated the threat. Erik notices at this time that the raiders all are wearing tunics with the symbol of an eye—the same symbol on his mother's ring. The Force continued westward, and twice more they encounter a burned-out village on the road, and each time their story is the same.

Finally, the group arrives at Windhill. The town is the way they had left it; a slummy soiled spot on the map. The group first visits Douven Staul, who gives them their promised reward. It turns out Douven had found an artifact from before the Demon-Dragon War, and had sold it on the black market for several thousand gold pieces. With this new fortune he plans on taking an expedition to the pyramids of Ancalagor.

The group took this time to sell goods, visit their respective temples, and gather information regarding the mysterious dragonborn, the marauders, and the man that bought Douven's artifact. They learned little about anything, and for the most part were heckled and pickpocketed.

When their chores were done, the group reconvened at their regular haunt, The Bawdy Whore. There they were reunited with Sophie Kurdelve, the proprietor of the inn and a good friend. After speaking with Sophie, Nadia and Kingsley learned that the name of the terrorizing group was The Hand of Naarash, a mysterious cult operating in the north. After a round of drinks and heavy flirting with Sophie, the group retired for the night, determined to do something about the cult in the morning.

The Force woke to the smell of smoke and the flicker of flames. The inn was ablaze! Kingsley, Tiya, Nadia and Erik jumped from their windows, while Ganifa desperately sought out Sophie, and Kublah, naturally resistant to fire, frantically ran through the burning building, searching everywhere for those in peril. 

The four outside suddenly found themselves in combat with five men bearing the symbol of the mysterious eye. As they desparately warded off these assailants, Ganifa gave up her search for Sophie and ran to the entrance of the inn, while Kublah continued to calmly, methodically rescue the inhabitants.

Ganifa burst out the front door and shot down an enemy mage, which began to stumble away. She tackled the man, hoping to capture him alive. Oddly, the mage pulled the pendant hanging around his neck off its chain, and the man's head suddenly burst like a ripe melon. Covered in pieces of bone and brain, Ganifa stood, perplexed.

The other enemies were taken down nearly the same time as Kublah exited the building, five survivors and Sophie in tow. Kingsley set to work reviving and tending to the wounds of the victims while the others rallied help to smother out the fire. Though the inn was unsalvageable, the fires were quickly taken care of.

When she came to, Sophie was furious. She quickly identified the bodies as members of the Hand of Naarash. She pleaded with the Force to help her seek out revenge on the Hand. Ganifa, who is smitten with Sophie, quickly agreed that the Force would do anything to help her. As thanks, Sophie gave Tiya her father's warhammer, a family heirloom, and promised Ganifa something more special.

The group decided to set out, but not before visiting the library to learn more about the Hand of Naarash. After hours of searching they learned nothing and came to the conclusion that this cult was relatively new. They turned their attention northward and headed out. 

The Search For Douven Begins
Exploring an underground city and ending a national threat.

(Several pages from the Bizarre Force's chronicles have been unfortunately lost to the ages. Some attribute this to the wear of ages, and others attribute it to a particularly lazy scribe. The world may never know the true answer.)

The Seven-Pillared Hall was an incredible sight. While Kingsley went to pray, Tiya and Ganifa immediately found the wrong side of town. Kublah and Erik had their first run-in with a drow, and the encounter ended with our heroes very frustrated. Nadia and Kingsley found a board in the Halfmoon Inn with a laundry list of quests in need of completing, and after looking them over with the group, the Force prioritized them and set out on their way to find and rescue Douven Staul from the Bloodreavers. 

Welcome to Ancalagor!
The group arrives in the endless sands.

Shortly after returning home to celebrate their successes in the Seven-Pillared Hall, the Bizarre Force was contacted once again by the Staul household. This time, it seemed Douven was intent on traveling to Ancalagor, and wished for the group to travel with him. Considering their lead regarding the D.E. and Banshee Queen having business in Ancalagor, the Force decided to accept.

They traveled westward, through Winterhaven and Danath, and finally to Malareth, gateway to Ancalagor. There, the group stocked up on provisions to help them as they passed through the desert.

The trip started out easy enough, with only a slight hiccup when Erik and Ganifa drank from a strange, hallucinogenic cactus. Halfway through the third day, the group was assaulted by a massive sandstorm. Due to their quick thinking, the Force was mostly spared, the only casualties being Nadia's camel and the wagon carrying nearly all of their water. Douven, Kingsley and Kriloc were all caught in the open sandstorm and each nearly died, were it not for the quick healing of Tiya.

The group decided to backtrack a bit to a rocky outcropping they had seen earlier. Here they found a cavern, which they decided to enter in hopes of finding another traveler.

What they found instead were swarms of thousands of hungry arachnids. The spiders came at them and the Force fought valiantly. An immense blade spider came out of the darkness, and Ganifa quickly realized the potential in such a beast. Using all of her strength, knowledge and patience, Ganifa talked the creature down and tamed it as her companion, giving it the moniker of Count Pokeula.

The heroes were still alive, but did not know for how long. Should they return to the wastes and hope for the best? Should the carry on into the darkness of the caverns? And with this set back allowing the D.E. and Banshee Queen a significant head start, would it even matter at all? 

A Triumphant Return
Hello, Feywild!

The group materialized in a strange new place; a marketplace filled with screaming eladrin. It was obvious one woman, a blue-robed eladrin, was being attacked. The group sprang into action, saving her.

The woman introduced herself as Saffrenia. She explained that they were in the Feywild, in the city of Mithrendain. She went on to explain her suspicions of corruption in the local government. Saffrenia asked the Bizarre Force to collect information at a celebration; they accepted.

After questioning the other councilmembers, the Bizarre Force was able to determine that three of the four were corrupted in some measure. Saffrenia knew there were more answers to be had, so she led the group to the Old Battery to speak with some outcasts.

There, the group was ambushed by a party of quicklings and a blade spider, which were quickly taken care of. Saffrenia led the group underground, as they were no longer safe on the streets. She now leads them north, toward the Citadel where the council convenes, in hopes of exposing the dark heart of Mithrendain.

(This wiki will be updated weekly. Not as in-depth as previously, but it will cover the important information and highlight any particularly awesome/amusing moments. I might even institute a "Quote of the Evening" for those particularly hilarious gems that are uttered to be immortalized on the interwebs. The second half of the NPC listing should hopefully be finished tomorrow. Enjoy.)

Into the Feydark
The Bizarre Force investigates further.

Upon finding a breach into the Feydark, Saffrenia urged the Force to investigate, and they agreed. After fighting their way past a pair of shambling mounds, looting a wishing well, and killing a rogue dryad and her pets, the Force found a tunnel leading further down.

The tunnel took them to a cliff overlooking an underground river. There, they fought through a horde of cyclops guards, the majority of which fell to Tiya's newfound radiant powers. After the cyclops were vanquished, the Force continued eastward, finding themselves face-to-face with an eladrin woman, standing beside a man they knew as Dresyae Tlathlyn.

Saffrenia identified the woman as Jelvistra, but Jelvistra corrected her, informing the councilwoman that her true name was Wall. Quickly, Kublah and Kriloc realized Wall as one of the spawns of Apophis! Wall ordered her minions to attack, and the Bizarre Force's life hangs on the line.


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