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  • Kriloc Silverscale

    Kriloc's Most Recent Notable Achievement: Reduced an eladrin noble to tears at a party.


    Kriloc, formerly Kriloth, was exiled from the dragonborn nation of Ancalagor when he wounded the prince and killed the future princess and queen, …

  • Prince Nezeth

    Prince Nezeth, next in line for rulerschip of Ancalagor, is Kriloc's great rival and the reason for his exile. Once thought to be an attractive dragonborn, his beauty was ruined by the scar across his face, left by Kriloc's blade in their …

  • Timmoth

    Timmoth is Kriloc's father. He is the former personal smith of Warlord Calaroth. He escaped from Ancalagor when the Warlord attacked his son and is now under the protection of pirate lord Omar Samson.

  • Amandeth

    Amandeth is Kriloc's sister. She joined the warlord's army shortly after Kriloc left home, learning the arcane arts to protect and support her family. She harbored a resentment for Kriloc for leaving the family, feeling that he had betrayed …

  • Nana Billith

    Billith is Kriloc's senile, racist grandmother. She is loud and excitable, and has a love for small animals. She has a great fear and hatred for tieflings, a racist attitude she is working on improving.

    Though old, Billith has proven to not …

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