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  • Naivara

    Nadia's shy younger sister. As Nadia took to music and magic, Naivara took to art and song. The two made quite an impressionable pair. Since Nadia moved to Caradondo to further her studies in magic, contact with her sister has dwindled to nothing. …

  • Nadia

    Nadia had a relatively peaceful life; her parents were killed in a tragic drowning incident, and she and her sister were relocated to a foster home, where they learned art and magic.

    Nadia has since joined the Bizarre Force. She has an occasional …

  • Fang Lieh

    Little is known about Fang Lieh, excepting the appearance of his name on a list of known affiliates of the Heralds of the Stars.

    According to Naivara, Nadia's sister, Fang Lieh may have been involved in the death of their parents. If this …

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