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  • Berrian

    A handsome and charming eladrin, Berrian is the man that introduced Avandra to Tiya. Tiya fell in love with Berrian and began a relationship that lasted for years. It stopped abruptly when she discovered him sleeping with another woman. Tiya then left …

  • Tiya Tyrngaarde

    Tiya's Loves: Gold, Berrian, Avandra.

    Tiya's Hates: Slavery, undead, dresses.

    Tiya's Fears: Frost giants, drowning, losing to evil.

    Tiya's Pastimes: Riverdancing, public speaking, singing + playing trumpet

    Tiya&# …

  • Garreth Whitescale

    Champion of the nation of Ancalagor, Garreth is a versatile and noble warrior who answers not to the warlord but the will of the nation itself. He is a knight devoted not to any one master but the people. He is a winged dragonborn, signifying the …

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