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  • Sir Keegan

    Keegan was once a powerful and prestigious warrior, leader of Reveloth Keep. The taint of Orcus, welling up in the rift deep in the keep, began to taint the paladin, and he eventually went berserk, killing all those inside the keep walls, including his …

  • Kalarel

    Kalarel was responsible for the opening of the rift beneath Reveloth Keep. Calculating and cunning, Kalarel was a prominent figure in the deathcult, but his reign of terror was ended abruptly by the Bizarre Force.

  • Iblis

    Iblis was a spawn of Apophis, a creature hidden in the skeletal remains of the champion of the Raven Queen, Sir Malagant. He was able to control the skeletal remains and engage in battle with the Bizarre Force, where he was overcome and destroyed.

  • Jaryn

    Jaryn Odain was a paladin of The Flame Lord and ambassador to the cult, the Hand of Naarash. He explored the Pillars of the Night to determine the validity of Naarash's claim to be a "Spawn of the Flame Lord." When Jaryn discovered the …

  • Naarash

    Naarash was a barlgura and spawn of the Flame Lord. He stood ten feet tall and was covered in large, bulbous eyes. He presided over the cult known as the Hand of Naarash, but was struck down by the Bizarre Force.

  • Jonas Harriet

    Jonas Harriet is a legendary serial killer and psychopath. Legend has it that Jonas Island Prison was built specifically to house Harriet, keeping him as far away from humanity as possible. Jonas Harriet is no longer alive, but his legacy carries on.

  • Xanthus

    Xanthus was the leader of the tieflings centuries ago, during the Dragon-Demon War. Thought dead for hundreds of years, he recently resurfaced as a prisoner in the pyramid of shadows. When the Bizarre Force found themselves in the pyramid, they eventually …

  • Prince Nezeth

    Prince Nezeth, next in line for rulerschip of Ancalagor, is Kriloc's great rival and the reason for his exile. Once thought to be an attractive dragonborn, his beauty was ruined by the scar across his face, left by Kriloc's blade in their …

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