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  • Candy Mountainjoy

    Candy Mountainjoy was once a well-to-do and famous prostitute in the halfling capital of Adorin. When her husband was suddenly and mysteriously recruited into the Realm army and disappeared, however, she became a changed woman. Through a lack of work, …

  • Richard Everhard

    Erik's father, Richard Everhard, was a pimp and social activist who fought for the impoverished and their rights. Richard was a very wealthy man, though most of the money went to helping the less fortunate.

    During the Frontier Wars, a series …

  • Erik Everhard

    Erik Everhard began his story in the halfling city of Adorin, where he worked as a pimp and professional entertainer. He did not know his father well, as he disappeared at an early age, and his mother left him to join a mysterious, dark cult.

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