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  • Jaryn

    Jaryn Odain was a paladin of The Flame Lord and ambassador to the cult, the Hand of Naarash. He explored the Pillars of the Night to determine the validity of Naarash's claim to be a "Spawn of the Flame Lord." When Jaryn discovered the …

  • Kruckman

    Kruckman is one of the most mysterious presences threatening Bizarre Force. Indeed, it is possible he is no threat at all. All that is known about Kruckman is that the Herald of the Stars resurrected him, and that he is important to their operation.

  • Apophis

    Known as The Flame Lord and The Everwatching, Apophis is an elder evil, a primordial from the time before time. He is the progenitor of fire, and appears as a giant eye wreathed in flame.

    The Heralds of the Stars are agents of Apophis, working to …

  • Argus

    Little is currently known about Argus, aside from that his name appeared on a list of known Heralds of the Stars.

  • Fang Lieh

    Little is known about Fang Lieh, excepting the appearance of his name on a list of known affiliates of the Heralds of the Stars.

    According to Naivara, Nadia's sister, Fang Lieh may have been involved in the death of their parents. If this …

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