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  • Tiya Tyrngaarde

    Tiya's Loves: Gold, Berrian, Avandra.

    Tiya's Hates: Slavery, undead, dresses.

    Tiya's Fears: Frost giants, drowning, losing to evil.

    Tiya's Pastimes: Riverdancing, public speaking, singing + playing trumpet

    Tiya&# …

  • Ganifa Bjornwrangler

    Ganifa Bjornwrangler was raised by her grandfather in the forest of Maldandor. When he died in a horrible bear attack, she found herslef alone, and set out to see the world. She met up with the Bizarre Force and has been with them since.

    Ganifa …

  • Nadia

    Nadia had a relatively peaceful life; her parents were killed in a tragic drowning incident, and she and her sister were relocated to a foster home, where they learned art and magic.

    Nadia has since joined the Bizarre Force. She has an occasional …

  • Kingsley

    Kingsley escaped a life of crime when he found a man named Andrew in the prison cells of his hometown. This man taught him the path of righteousness in the name of Avandra. He set out to make his mark on the world, and ended up with the traveling …

  • Erik Everhard

    Erik Everhard began his story in the halfling city of Adorin, where he worked as a pimp and professional entertainer. He did not know his father well, as he disappeared at an early age, and his mother left him to join a mysterious, dark cult.

  • Kublah Zhumkawala

    Kublah Zhumkawala's mother died during childbirth. She never knew her father. She found herself raised by a woman named Amina, who forced her into a life of prostitution. She found herself stuck in the slums of Othrenis …

  • Smoke

    Smoke is an enigmatic young man summoned to Mismelyne through a powerful ritual. It was he who explained the threat of Apophis and what the Bizarre Force must do to stop it. If his claims are to believed, he is from another world in the material plane, …

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