Gods of Mismelyne

Asmodeus, god of tyranny and domination. 

Avandra, goddess of change and freedom.

Bahamut, god of justice and protection.

Bane, god of war and conquest. 

Corellon, god of spring and beauty.

Erathis, goddess of civilization and invention.

Gruumsh, god of destruction and slaughter. 

Ioun, goddess of knowledge and skill.

Kord, god of storm and battle.

Lolth, goddess of shadows and lies. 

Melora, goddess of wilderness and sea.

Moradin, god of creation and artisans.

Pelor, god of sun and summer.

Raven Queen, goddess of death and fate.

Sehanine, goddess of moon and autumn. 

Tiamat, goddess of wealth and greed.

Torog, god of jailers and torturers.

Vecna, god of the undead and secrets.

Zehir, god of poison and assassins. 

Gods of Mismelyne

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