History of Mismelyne

Mismelyne was once ruled by the dragonkin and the tieflings. The tieflings sought power, and waged war with the dragonkin.

During this time of conflict, humans, a lesser race, rose to prominence in the north. They allied themselves with the elves and eladrin of Maldandor, who had been observing the war from their wizard towers.

When their backs were turned, the humans stole the secrets of the arcane from their eladrin friends. Quick to master new skills, the first human mages and wizards grew to be as talented as the eladrin archmages before them.

With this new power, and a growing ambition to conquer, the human forces struck out at the dragonborn empire. Pinned between two enemies, the nation fell. Before they had a moment to catch their breath, the human armies turn to the tieflings, dominating them just as quickly.

Human influence expanded, and quickly all of Mismelyne belonged to the empire of Realm. The nations of the world were allowed to keep their sovereignty, so long as they agreed to share all information, technology, and secrets they kept now or ever discovered with Realm. All accepted.

All but the tiefling.

The remaining tiefling declined. Such was the fury of Realm that a bounty was put on every tiefling's head. For many years the tieflings were persecuted, driven into near extinction. It took an even and just hand, the hand of the current emperor, Wrim the Strange, to put an end to the hunt. Tiefling executions are now illegal and punishable by death. Tieflings are accepted in society, though many still dislike them, and tieflings generally harbor an understandable hatred or mistrust toward humans.

Ever has Mismelyne's fate been balanced on the sword's edge, the weight of war and atrocity threatening to send it plummeting into the black abyss. Even now, in a state of imposed peace, Mismelyne is threatened by a growing, looming threat, one that can only be stopped by six small beacons of hope. 

History of Mismelyne

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