Music of Mismelyne

HUMAN music is frequently loud and triumphant, brash and powerful. The musical style is marked by the use of powerful brass instruments such as trumpets and cornets, and frequent use of the human-invented snare drum. Human songs are frequently patriotic and boastful in nature. (Example of Human music.)

DWARVEN music, in a twist contrary to their culture, is generally upbeat and rollicking. A dwarven tavern is not found without at least a fiddle player, or an accordian, if not both. Dwarven music is almost always about drinking and alcohol, and appears to be one of the only practices of merriment the ordered race partakes in regularly. (Example of Dwarven music.)

ELVEN music reflects the woodland's people primal hearts and minds. To the Elves, music is as much a spiritual journey or religious rite as it is an artform. Eschewing the comforts of civilization, Elven musicians prefer to stick as close to nature as possible. Deerskin drums to keep rhythym, a very simple bone flute, and a haunting chorus of vocalists makes up a typical Elven band. Humans find this style of music barbaric. It is considered an insult to sing the songs of the Elves in any language but their own. Elven songs are typically about nature, the planet, and the elements. (Example of Elven music.)

TIEFLING music is mournful and exotic. Attempting to differentiate themselves from their Human oppressors, Tieflings crafted their own forms of instrumentation, used only in tiefling music. These instruments include the sitar, the kamancheh, and the tombak. Tieflings never sing in their native tongue of infernal, as the language is too harsh to convey emotion and beauty. Instead, they turn to the halfling language. Tiefling songs cover a variety of topics, but most famous songs are about freedom and love. (Example of Tiefling music.)

DRAGONBORN music is simple and has more of a primal feel than even that of the elves. Though very rarely a guitarlike instrument known as the shamisen is used, dragonborn music is almost entirely composed of a drumline. This music is used in all aspects of life, be it celebration, declaration of war, marriages, or funerals. Lyrics are almost never incorporated into dragonborn music, but a shout to a minor diety, to revered ancestor spirits, or a cry praising the warlord will occassionally be roared. (Example of Dragonborn music.)

HALFLING music is tempestuous, wild, and raucous. The halfling instrument known as the bagpipes are widely used, accompanied by a drumline. Similar to dragonborn music, this musical setup can be used for a variety of occassions, be they celebration or mourning. Indeed, there is little difference to a typical halfling; the smallfolk celebrate deaths with a 'wake,' a funeral full of song, dance, and alcohol. Happy occassions are celebrated twice as hard. (Example of Halfling music.)

ELADRIN, born of the Feywild, a place of exquisitve beauty, are natural artists and musicians. As such, their music is arguably the grandest and most intricate. Utilizing a full orchestra and contructing magnificent symphonies, eladrin composers are known the world over as the best in their field. A typical piece of Eladrin music can last hours, some lasting days. Eladrin use a variety of instruments, utilizing each to their fullest potential. Eladrin song can be about anything, and since so much time and devotion is spent toward the art of song and music, just about every topic has been covered. (Example of Eladrin music.)

Music of Mismelyne

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