People of Mismelyne

Notable Organizations 

HUMANS rule the majority of the continent. Their empire shares its name with its capital; the empire of Realm. For a long time, humans have regarded themselves as the superior species. This mentality manifests itself in one of two ways; rampant arrogance and racism, or the feeling and need to protect and preserve. Humans generally respect dwarves, revere elves and eladrin, are amused by halflings, can't relate to dragonborn, and typically have a mistrust or hatred for tieflings.

HALFLINGS are typically peaceful and jovial. They love cracking jokes, drinking, singing and partying. The halfling lands are dominated by the great Lanford Lake, after which their country is named. Halflings are naturally excellent fishermen, and frequently make a career of it. Halflings are generally frustrated by dwarves, love humans for their sense of humor, don't relate to elves or eladrin, are intrigued by dragonborn, and have a natural affinity for tieflings, who share their penchant for mischief.

DWARVES are typically hard-working and opportunistic. They are renowned for their hardheadedness. Dwarves are typically champions of order and normalcy and do not like to be bothered. Though they share their fondness for alcohol, dwarves and halflings typically do not see eye to eye. Dwarves consider humans brash and bossy but respect their prowess. Elves are too wild and eladrin too mysterious in a dwarf's eyes. An amount of pity is felt for tieflings. Dragonborn are met with honor and respect. Dwarves hail from the northern mountain country of Batol.

ELADRIN, brothers and sisters of the elves, are a people steeped in arcane practice. They tend to enjoy staying out of the spotlight, working behind the scenes. At best they are a positive subtle influence; at worst, a cunning, deceitful menace. Eladrin are bound to elves by a tight kinship, though they do not always get along. Dwarves are considered close-minded. A halfling's company is always enjoyed. Humans are regarded as untrustworthy. Eladrin do not mix well with dragonborn, who have no love for trees and nature, and have a hard time relating with tieflings, who are not of this world.

ELVES hail from the island kingdom of Maldandor. Quiet and introspective, elves are typically content to observe the world from afar. They are an ancient race that are very set in their ways. Though prone to xenophobia, elves are an enlightened people and have no preconceived notions toward any race.

TIEFLINGS are a scattered, broken race. They have no country to call home. Legends of the tiefling's origins lie in the realm of the infernal; during a great demonic invasion, demons bred with elves, spawning an entirely new race. Tieflings tend to be calculating and self-serving. They almost never allow their true motives or feelings to be known. Many tieflings must wrestle with an innate desire to destroy, desecrate, and wreak havoc on the innocent. This natural phenomena, called The Calling, is believed to be caused by demonic influence. Tieflings hate humans and have a general disinterest toward other races, save for halflings, who are frequently befriended.

DRAGONBORN are men and women with draconic ancestry. They inhabit the desert island of Ancalagon. Dragonborn are an honorable people who love combat. Though they accept the human empire, they are frequently vying to reclaim former land. They regard humans and dwarves with equal respect. There is dissonance between them and the elven and eladrin people, but rarely conflict. Halflings are considered a nuisance, but capable of great honor in battle. Tieflings are met with a mixture of feelings; a held grudge or respect for their prowess.

People of Mismelyne

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