Realms of Mismelyne

The Material Plane

The Astral Sea

The Shadowfell

The Feywild

The Elemental Chaos

Nuberemborian Gardens of Heroes

The Nine Spires of Oblivion

The Eternal Prison of Thruel

Aura, the Land of Wraiths

The Eternal Nightscape of Oblivion

The Nine Thrones of Sul'kal

The Blood-Soaked Plains of Dreams

Dracchus, the Scaled City

The White Halls of Nuberembor

The Golden Halls of Nuberembor

The Neverending Fields of Paradise

Ilia, the Land of Wisps

Windroot, Kingdom of the Elves


Famma, Land of Fire

Mire, Land of Earth

Wilsk, Land of Air

Ursh, Land of Water 

Realms of Mismelyne

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