Douven Staul

"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries."


Douven Staul is a moderately well-known historian from the town of Windhill. In his youth he was a capable adventurer, conquering many ancient tombs and claiming their treasures. As such, he now has a good amount of wealth. His old adventuring habits still linger, though his body is not as young as it used to be. Consequently, Douven frequently finds himself in bad situations. Most frequently, his trip to a dragon's burial ground resulted in his capturing by a mysterious band of ruffians, but was saved by the Bizarre Force.

Upon returning home, Douven sold an ancient mirror he had found at the dragon's tomb and is using the money to fund an expedition to the legendary pyramids of Ancalagor.

Douven was then abducted by the Bloodreavers in his search for crew to help aid him in Ancalagor. This prompted the Bizarre Force to seek him out again. After rescuing him from the clutches of Maldrick Scarmaker, the Bizarre Force teamed up with Douven and headed to Ancalagor as his employees. 

After nearly being captured and killed by the warlord Calaroth in their escape from Ancalagor, the Bizarre Force escorted Douven back home to Windhill, where he spends his time with his wife, Mary, and helps defend the city against the occassional attacks made by the Realm army.

Above all else, Douven loves his wife, Mary, and would trade all the riches in the world for her well-being.

Douven Staul

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