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  • Douven Staul

    Douven Staul is a moderately well-known historian from the town of Windhill. In his youth he was a capable adventurer, conquering many ancient tombs and claiming their treasures. As such, he now has a good amount of wealth. His old adventuring habits …

  • Richard Everhard

    Erik's father, Richard Everhard, was a pimp and social activist who fought for the impoverished and their rights. Richard was a very wealthy man, though most of the money went to helping the less fortunate.

    During the Frontier Wars, a series …

  • Sophie Kurdelve

    A bright and charming young woman who tends to wear clothing a bit too revealing, Sophie is the owner and barkeep of The Bawdy Whore, the Bizarre Force's second home and unofficial base of operations. Sophie knows all the members on a first name …

  • Splug

    Splug is a goblin the Bizarre Force found locked up in the ruins of Shadowfell Keep. Not much is known about Splug, other than the fact that the rest of the goblins hated him, especially Balgron, who had him locked up.

    Splug traveled with the …

  • Eigar

    Eigar is a mysterious giant of a man who heads a small monastery in the mountains devoted to putting down the Cult of Naarash and protecting refugees of the cult's continual attacks.

  • Beasts For Peace

    Beasts For Peace (B4P) is an up-and-coming group of bards comprised entirely of demihuman races such as orcs, kobolds, ogres and gnolls. The band's message is one of unification and peace, urging all sentient races to unite under the banner of …

  • Tulukaruk

    Tulukaruk is a mouse the Bizarre Force was introduced to during their brief stint as toads. They helped the mouse overcome the evil rat king, and he agreed to join them. He now serves as Nadia's familiar.

  • Kriloc Silverscale

    Kriloc's Most Recent Notable Achievement: Reduced an eladrin noble to tears at a party.


    Kriloc, formerly Kriloth, was exiled from the dragonborn nation of Ancalagor when he wounded the prince and killed the future princess and queen, …

  • Garreth Whitescale

    Champion of the nation of Ancalagor, Garreth is a versatile and noble warrior who answers not to the warlord but the will of the nation itself. He is a knight devoted not to any one master but the people. He is a winged dragonborn, signifying the …

  • Marley Carlock

    Marley is a bard that the Bizarre Force met in the inn known as the Turning Tide. He is friendly and charming, but very aloof.

    It is believed that Marley is a seer of sorts, but that he sees past, present, and future at once, causing extreme …

  • Smoke

    Smoke is an enigmatic young man summoned to Mismelyne through a powerful ritual. It was he who explained the threat of Apophis and what the Bizarre Force must do to stop it. If his claims are to believed, he is from another world in the material plane, …

  • Timmoth

    Timmoth is Kriloc's father. He is the former personal smith of Warlord Calaroth. He escaped from Ancalagor when the Warlord attacked his son and is now under the protection of pirate lord Omar Samson.

  • Nana Billith

    Billith is Kriloc's senile, racist grandmother. She is loud and excitable, and has a love for small animals. She has a great fear and hatred for tieflings, a racist attitude she is working on improving.

    Though old, Billith has proven to not …

  • Vyrellis

    Originally just a head in an orb, Vyrellis is an eladrin princess that had been trapped in the pyramid of shadows for centuries. The Bizarre Force was able to recover her life force and she magically crafted a new body. She has since returned to the …

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